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Ремонт Vertu в сервисном центре ELITE PHONES Новосибирск осуществляют квалифицированные специалисты. С той же педантичностью и скрупулезностью, что и мастера британской мануфактуры, они улучшают внешний вид и устраняют неисправности люксовых аппаратов, продлевая срок их службы. Если Вам необходим ремонт Верту в Новосибирске и других городах Сибири (Томске, Новокузнецке, Барнауле, Горно-Алтайске, Красноярске), то сервисный центр ELITE PHONES - это то, что Вам нужно!

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About a company

"VERTU is something unusual and extraordinary, stand alone and undoubtedly deserving to be owned by elegant and ingenious collectors.
VERTU's ambitions for astonishing and elation its owners by the distinctive quality of mounting, assemblage and by the pure-quality of its materials can be traced back to the moment of company's foundation. All VERTU cellphones are hand-assembled. The screen of each phone is made of sapphire (the most robust and damage-proof transparent crystal), they also use such a high quality materilas as hypoallergic surgical steel (3,16L), ceramic underplate maintaining the temperature in constantly changing ambient conditions, etc.
VERTU cellphones made of precious materials absorbed the best features of luxury adornments and pure-quality original swiss watch.
One of the most respective services for VERTU holders is undoubtedly the Concierge service that exactly erases the boundaries of traditional beliefs thus establishing a brand new world of comfort, conveniences and solution speed in various challenges.
This masterpiece is surely considered to be owned just by the good and the great of the world, just by those who doesn't search for the best any longer but has already achived it and won the recognition, who is already able to enjoy the niceties created exclusively.
Business professionals and politicians, well-known musicians and singers, actors and filmmakers, the world-known restaurants chief cooks and prestigious fashion designers are major customers of us.
VERTU selected the best engineers, designers and projectors who are concerned with cosmonautics, aerodynamics, jewelry, Ferrari racing cars and engineering sciences. All production is performed by the best and for the best!
In 2002 Itallian oscar award winning composer Dario Marianelli recorded a ringtone specially for VERTU (vertusendpiper) that still continues satisfying the ear of VERTU owners and evidently individuates them. Since that time VERTU has been inviting only best DJs and musicians who compose exclusively for certain VERTU models.
Due to elegant design and materials quality VERTU cellphones never go out of fashion and remain with their holders for years and years.
VERTU phones are easy-to-handle indeed, remarkable for their beautiful shapes which are preserved for years, they serve faithfully enduring everything happens to them during long periods of time."

"It naturally happens that telephone starts malfunctioning or loosing its distinctive shine. What measures are to be undertaken in order to avoid a long time absence of a ""constant companion"" and to be provided with a service required shortly? The British usually say that ""time is money"" and you can hardly argue.
Our sales-managers team will settle your problem shortly. You just need to dial-up our phone number or personally visit our office. The diagnostics operation of your cellphone will be carried out by our specialists free of charge and after one or two hours you will be provided with detailed information regarding your cellphone defects and with solution offers. Subject to your permission engineers will start repairs. After finishing the repairs they will test the cellphone for defects again and only after test you will receive your phone back.
Cellphone cleaning, software update, additional languages upload, leather relining and renewal, polishing and technical maintenance are all available in our service center.
Courier request option will definitely save you from annoying routine and will simply save your time. Due to highly-skilled work personnel, bonus and discount schedule for regular customers you will definitely take a pleasure in co-operation with ELITE PHONES company.
During six years our company have been keeping a status of one of the most active players on the service markets providing its customers with a prompt and a proper cellphones repairs service.
We also offer a wide model range of commission or new VERTU cellphones. Traid-in service that provides an oppurtunity to change an obsolete cellphone for a brand new one by adding some extra charge is also available.
Due to ELITE PHONES service the order of cellphone model that is no longer manufacured is not a problem. This is to be done just by placing an order for certain model search from our catalogue of VERTU models ever manufactured. Our sales-managers will make their best to find the model you are interested in even in case the search is to be done around the other continents.
Our team is opened for any questions you may have including remote consulting and troubleshooting."

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